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Infographics are an indispensable tool in the e-commerce Amazon sellers toolbox. Showcase features, dimensions, and benefits clearly so the buyer can see more detail about your product at a glance!


Why infographics benefit Amazon sellers?

Infographics allow potential customers to digest a lot of information quickly without paying too much attention. In this age of ever-shortening attention spans, people generally won’t have time to read about how your product works or the advantages it may provide. Instead, you need to show them in the simplest, quickest, and most easy to understand way, or risk losing sales as customers quickly skip on to the next product page.

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Increase Conversions

Infographics can increase conversions by quickly illustrating the benefits of your product. High quality product photography can go a long way towards illustrating these benefits, but some items need to be explained further beyond what can be easily communicated by a product photo. Whether it’s an illustration of how a product works, a product comparison, or a guide explaining how to use it, an infographic is usually the most effective way to communicate important information in an easily digestible visual form.

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Optimised for Amazon

We have extensive experience working with top-tier Amazon sellers, ensuring all graphics are perfectly optimised for the Amazon platform. We also have experience in EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) and Store front graphics.

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Bespoke Icons

Creative icons are a stand-out way to show off your product’s main features, and they grab attention! Don’t be the person who Googles "Machine Washable" and adds in the first image they see, as chances are, it’s used somewhere else already, possibly by a competitor. We will create bespoke icons that give you and your product its own distinct personality and an edge over your competitors.


Custom Layer Graphics

Does your product have a particular feature that needs explaining? We have the experience and creative ability to design beautiful custom graphics to suit your product’s unique features. Give your hopeful customers a reason to buy your product.

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Creative Pride!

We pride ourselves on our creativity, but if something is not quite right, we will come up with 2 alternative design options for you to choose from.

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Need to speak to someone on the phone? No problem! One of our specialist designers will happily go through your detailed requirements with you..

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We are one of the most cost-effective solutions out there! Lower your outgoings and enjoy increased sales!


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