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Invisible Mannequin, Ghost Mannequin and Neck line editing

The invisible mannequin effect is a fantastic way of showing off your apparel whether its trousers, dresses, skirts or tops. PSDclip can offer this add on service to help you improve the way your products look online. Invisible mannequins not only makes your product look more professional but also removes distractions and will help your customers associate with the product just as if they were standing in a clothing store.

Mannequins allow you to shoot the product which gives the consumer an idea of the fit and shape of the product however looks lifeless and makes the product look a bit lost. This problem can be solved with a bit of Photoshop wizardry all you need to do is take a picture of the product worn by a mannequin, then take a picture of the inside of the neck we will then combine them both. The result is a professional looking image which makes the product looks realistic with no distractions.

How do you order? When you upload an order to us just specify the invisible mannequins option on the online ordering system, make sure you upload your images with the reference files (inside neck) and we will make sure we edit your images accordingly, yes it really is as easy as that!


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