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Edit Seven take the health and the safety of our staff extremely seriously and have responsibility to make sure employees, customers and partners around the world stay safe and healthy during this terrible pandemic.

We are working safely with limited impact, however the steps we have taken to ensure the safety of our employees we may take a little bit longer to process customer orders.

Steps we’re taking to keep safe in order to prevent COVID-19 from spreading

  • We introduced additional hand wash and hand sanitiser and implemented stricter hygiene rules within the work place.

  • We have additional cleaners that work throughout the day cleaning heavily touched surfaces such as workstations, keyboards, tablets, mouse, door handles and tables.

  • We have introduced work form home practices for all employees that are not required to work physically at our offices.

  • All work travel is avoided and the use of public transport

  • Employees who have any of the symptoms listed on the World Health Organisation (WHO) are to stay at home. The same practice is followed if family or other people they live with show any of the symptoms.

  • We are keeping a close watch on all the health advice across the world from the global health organisations to ensure we are following the correct procedures.



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