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When looking for a car to buy, do you buy the cheapest car on the forecourt? No? Why not? Because it is unreliable, won’t get you very far and is likely to cost you more in the long run.

Do you buy the most expensive car on the forecourt? No? Why not? Because it’s far beyond your means? Because it has features that you don’t need.

Does it matter where the car is built? Is it any faster, more reliable, higher quality than a car built anywhere else in the world?

Our impact outsourcing is proven to provide high quality, reasonable rates and both high workforce and customer satisfaction.

Our workforce

Our offices are based in Coimbatore, east of India’s technology capital Chennai. We have a standing workforce of forty as well as two shift managers, an office manager, contracted support staff and an international coordinator to ensure seamless continuity for our clients.

Our workforce is split into two shifts so that, despite the time difference, we are always available during work hours. Our staff enjoy frequent breaks with refreshments which serves to keep them focused and producing the high quality work that you have come to expect from PSDclip.

Our work ethic dictates that we maintain the same standards of employment and environment as we would have here in the UK. We strive for job satisfaction and by investing in our staff by personal development and competitive wages, we are able to deliver a consistent quality service.

Maximising value

The term ‘Outsourcing’ often evokes bad connotations such as low quality, insufficient pay and poor working conditions. Ethical practices for outsourcing not only ensures happy, safe and lucrative employment for staff, but it also means that the end user, such as yourself, enjoys a high quality service.

We work to provide you with good value or, in other words, a high quality service for a reasonable cost and we do this in several ways:

1. Worker retention: The work that we produce needs to be of a consistently high level and one of the best ways of achieving this is having a very low turnover in staff. This avoids having to retrain people, for them to settle into the job and for them to require the learning curve to meet our exacting standards.

2. Training

Photo editing requires both a high level of skill and experience. Each of our team, from junior to senior members of staff, are continually guided in ways to develop their personal skill sets.

3. Worker satisfaction

There is nothing like pride in ones own work. We provide the opportunity for every member of our team to excel and provide a bonus to our top performing employees every month. Furthermore, we provide a month’s bonus during Diwali so that they may enjoy the holiday with their families.

4. Competitive pay

We want to employ the best and to do so, we pay for the best. We offer competitive wages so that talented individuals can be compensated and so that you, as the customer, get only the best.


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