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When working with e-retail, most people with experience are familiar with the concept of product image requirements, that are commonplace amongst ecommerce platforms including Etsy, eBay and Amazon, to name a few.

These requirements make it necessary for Internet retailers to adhere to a customised set of rules and guidelines. These have been developed to keep the listings on these sites a consistent, uniform and simplified look to regulate and improve the user experience.

Retailers who fail to comply with these requirements can face serious consequences that can very from having the listings removed, to complete account cancellation.

It is imperative to remain up to date on these guidelines, and also keep in mind that the requirements are different from one marketplace to the next, so be sure to investigate before beginning to post listings.

Lets take a closer look at specifically Amazon’s image guidelines.

General Guidelines

Amazon has a short list of general image expectations. They are as follows:

Photos need to have a pure white background No use of watermarks, text, borders or logos is permitted at all No mannequins whatsoever 85% of every photograph’s frame needs to be filled with an image of the product itself 2560 px width is the recommended photo size Note – recent changes to parameters for jewellery listings include a minimum size of 1001 pixels, and a maximum of 2100 pixels. Zoom images should be 1000 pixels.

It is important to properly look into the specifications for each individual type of item you intend to make available for purchase, as the requirements vary greatly from category to category, and are changed frequently, so it is important to make sure the information you have is current, accurate and up to date.

Complete details on individual categories are made readily available to everyone on Amazon, and recent updates are reflected in convenient and easy to understand charts.

Keep Track!

In order to afford your internet retail business the best chances for success, becoming familiar with, staying on top of, and regularly refreshing your knowledge of Amazon’s image guidelines, as well as other market platform’s requirements is crucial.

Penalties and inconvenient restrictions that result due to not complying will have detrimental effects on your business, and may even be hidden from view or removed completely.

Professionals are available to assist with producing and editing product images that are within the guidelines and attractively feature the product.


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