Edit Seven provides a wide range of image editing & retouching services we can professionally edit and retouch your images with fantastic results. Trusted by brands and retailers we offer next day delivery with quality guaranteed! Edit Seven is the easiest way edit, retouch and remove the backgrounds from product images.

Clipping Paths



Invisible Mannequin

Colour Match



Our experienced Photoshop designers use the Photoshop Pen tool to manually draw around your product. No matter what the resolution of your photograph we'll zoom into the image to maximise the quality and accuracy of the clipping path. Images hand-drawn with every image quality checked for perfect results every time!

Image clipping paths
Professional product image editing


Make your images look professional with natural drop shadows or reflections. This will give your product the benefit of a better depth.


We go through a meticulous process to get the ultimate result for your product or object. Image masking uses various techniques to isolate a product/object that has fine details such as hair, fur, fine cotton and feathers.

Image masking
Image photo retouching


Professional retouching is a must in model & product photography. From removing props, smoothing creases and improving garment shape to cleaning up blemishes on the skin.


Invisible mannequins/ghost mannequin are terms for recreating the internal neckline of an item of clothing, which was initially shot on a mannequin. We can produce this effect if you have both the photo of the item of clothing on the mannequin and also a photo of the neckline.

We can also manipulate any image to hide visual imperfections whether that’s in the photography, object or product. We don’t just blur, soften or smudge, we use techniques that are very natural, clean and realistic.

ghost mannequin image editing
Colour correction editing


To save you valuable time and money by avoiding shooting the same product multiple times in different colours, we can colourise any photo or object you may have into multiple colourways.


Transform your images into masterpieces. We understand specific instructions and work with you to help you create a perfect finished product.

Image compliance


Make sure your images adhere to marketplace guidelines. We will add white backgrounds and make sure they are the correct size/format so they get accepted first time!



Old photo restoration and photographic repair. Photo retouching is carried out on your old and damaged photographs. We can digitally retouch and restore your images to their former glory with our professional photograph restoration team.

Image photo restoration
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