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A creative partner you can depend on

We are Edit Seven

Across the e-commerce, editorial and creative industry, we’re the trusted partner for image editing, retouching and video editing solutions. We help our customers improve their visuals, whether that's to convert more sales, deliver better user experiences, or enhance their brand.

How we work

We're easy to do business with

We understand that retouching is often just one part of the broader creative process. This is why we prioritise customer experience and remove any blockers that slow down the onboarding process and prevent a lasting partnership.​

We make our systems intuitive, or teams easy to contact and unlike some of our larger competitors, we don't ask for a monthly retainer. This approach feeds in to our values and how we work as an organisation.


Our story

Edit seven was founded in the UK in 2009, originally called PSDclip. Our purpose was to help photographers and e-commerce companies improve their product images by removing unwanted backgrounds.

Recognising the evolving needs of clients, we rebranded in xxx to offer a broader range of image editing and retouching services. Today, we're trusted partners to some of the world's biggest brands and photo studios, providing tailored solutions that enable them to scale and excel in the creative marketplace.

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We work as an extension of your team

While acknowledging the benefits of an in-house retouching team, we appreciate that this approach may not always be the most cost-effective, efficient, or scalable option. Image editing and retouching demands readily available, skilled editors who require ongoing training and access to the latest technology. Managing these resources can be both expensive and challenging, particularly during peak periods.

Our solution is to offer scalable, outsourced image editing resources that adapt to your workload while taking a personable and collaborative approach. With direct access to our UK-based account managers who take time to understand your needs, unique working methods, and challenges, we deliver a personalised approach.

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Low staff turnover

We invest in our teams, remunerating above market rates and providing professional development, avoiding high staff turnover and related recruitment fees.

Customer focused

We focus on what our clients need, investing in the latest tools and skills, rather than the newest trend.

Working smart

We use off-shore teams where we can invest in local economies at a lower expense to UK or US labor.

Our Business Model

At Edit Seven we make it our business to attract, train and retain large, specialist teams of image editors and retouchers.


This means we can be available when you need us, and on stand by during quiet times (but at not cost to you).  Because we work at scale we can ensure prompt turnaround times without sacrificing quality.

In order to be competitive and cost-effective for our clients, we keep our overheads low in a number of ways:

Trusted techniques

We work smart, conducting most of our business online rather than flying around the world (which, incidently is also better for the planet).

Modest marketing spend

We maintain a low marketing spend, preferring referrals and word of mouth over elaborate events or flashy ad campaigns.

Our differentiators

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Eco-Friendly Design


24/7 Support


Multilingual Functionality


Advanced Tech


Licensed Professionals


First-Rate Materials

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